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    • Commercialization of Innovations and Technology Transfer
      Commercialization and Technology Transfer involves the transfer of new technologies from inventors, universities and research institutions to industry or to parties that are capable of commercializing them. The topic is designed to provide participants with the tools as well as the know-how to design a strategy to transform inventions into innovation.
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    • Creating and Managing Winning Collaborations
      Collaborations are important for learning and innovation. Collaborations involve relationships between individuals and between organizations within the ecosystem. The topic prepares participants to be able to effectively position themselves in a network of that supports actor bonds, activity links and resource ties.
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    • Financing Models for Innovation
      Access to finance is critical for innovators, at each stage of the innovation development process. Funding is often cited as one of the major challenges facing innovators and entrepreneurs in Africa.  The aim of the topic is to enhance participant understanding the different funding models, the best strategies for raising funds for product development and commercialization..
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    • Innovation Thinking Skills
      The topic presents different innovation thinking methods and their potential use in the innovation development process. The objective is to help participants rethink approaches in innovation and to unlock innovative solutions. The topic will focus on three distinct methods: i) Critical Thinking Skills ii) Creative Thinking Skills and iii) Systems Thinking Skills for innovation development.
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    • New Product Development
      New Product Development (NPD) the process of taking product or service from an idea to market. It includes all the activities that firms undertake when they develop and introduce new products. The aim of the topic is to provide participants with tools to be able to manage the inherent risks in NPD including the strategy of Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Design Thinking tools and techniques to help position the right product in the right market and to meet the right customer needs
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    • Self-Management and Personal Growth
      The objective of this topic is to explore the role of innovative behavior and cognitive dispositions in explaining the innovative capability and readiness of individuals. It is generally believed that Individuals with a high sense of self -efficacy are likely to be confident of their capabilities to accomplish difficult tasks.
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