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    Both of my parents worked their tails off to provide my sister and I with opportunities that they did not have growing up. Last year they both retired. My father said that he had been looking at an investment with a friend to enter upon retirement, but was interested in what I was doing with the water and sanitation treatment and monitoring systems development.

    So now that the time had come. for him to put his money into the investment, he wanted to know if I had a better opportunity for him. I asked him what he was about to get into, and he told me that he was going to invest in a couple of gas stations near his new home. I laughed and said that he was investing in the major cause of the destruction of our planet, and gave him my “water is the new oil” speech.

    That speech pulled him out of retirement and I was able to bring in the necessary funds to bring my team’s bench top tech prototypes to commercial production.

    It’s encouraging that I was able to convince family to invest in my business endeavors…

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