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    Hi friends,
    This entry describes a relevant challenge that my company is experiencing related to this topic. My company has a NDA and MoU signed with an Africa national government research agency to verify that our water/wastewater treatment and resource recovery systems function for the applications that fall under the purview of this agency. The agency has developed 5 pilot studies throughout the country with government and corporate entities, at a cost of around US$650,000. Plus all of my company’s costs. The applications are not currently being used in the continent, as far as we know, so it is a prime opportunity to enter a market that is in the billions of US dollars and directly contributes to a variety of UN SDGs.

    The agency cannot entirely fund the studies with their current budget, and partner government agencies will not be able to provide the full financial assistance required to bring the pilot projects into fruition. While a single showcase treatment unit could accommodate all of the studies, my company still has to have the funds to provide the unit, as well as onsite engineering, travel, and other resources.

    We are so close to having money in the bank from other projects that might fund our side of the equation, but we still need to assist with raising funds for the government agencies.

    So many ideas, so little money…

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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